There Are Three Basic Makeup Tones: Rose, Beige and Doré

Choose a base color makeup is no easy task. If you’re accustomed, at a glance you can see the best interests of you, but for that block only to see all the gazillion tubes together testers know that:

Shades of makeup are grouped in three large blocks: Pink, beige and gold. As most of the brands that are sold are French, I have written in the headline rosé-beige-doré to serve you reference when you’re picking in front of the tester in the perfumery.

The shades of pink are white, so white skin favoring the typical color (beige) meat not them and instead tone rosé gives them a successful and healthy color.

The beige they are skins of white to moreno-medium, as the general medium size. From light beige, natural beige to the dark, they are makeup worn by the vast majority of women.

For the eels of skin, Doré them or broiled manage your dark providing some light golden to neutralize a too-off effect. Natural doré, doré soleil, …

One of these groups helps each. But also in this case serves the saying that every skin is a world: try.