The Invasion of The Children Instagrammers

There are people who are born with a sort of charm that from the cradle It makes them stand out above the rest. They have much flow, charisma and an I do not know what that always accompanies them. And before that only special character was known to the nearest person’s environment, but new technologies and the emergence of social networks, everyone can do is echo this. That is why there are children instagrammers that they are popular and they are followed by hundreds of thousands of people across the planet Earth.

The question that comes to mind is, is it legal? Are children aware of their popularity? Should parents allow children to live the childhood as you configured (being innocent)? Here is a debate that has supporters and detractors in equal parts. Anyway, these baby instagrammers are very popular, and even have their own clothing line! Do you want to know the best-known faces of the network?

Pixie Curtis

Pixie Curtis peta it on Instagram, and more than 100,000 followers so show us. Australian-born, This Redhead is a lover of fashion (rather his mother) who always tries to go to the last.

You are a lover of shoes (welcome to the beloved club) and has a self-confidence as few. It doesn’t surprise us that his legion of fans every day higher.

Marlow Mae Adamo

Marlow is an achuchable and edible naughty blonde girl daughter of a London blogger: Courtney Adamo. This is the co-founder of Babyccino Kids, an online web that brings together the best shops of children of the moment. Marlow soon became famous for its adorable images and their funny outfits. Although his rise to fame was when Instagram He decided to close the account of Courtney to believe that one of his photographs violated the rules of the company to show the belly of the girl…!

Soon their fans started to claim back his return saying that that image was innocent and without any background. The photograph in question? Marlow arose a t-shirt for navel-gazing.


Mayhem is more famous than you think. Do you remember those images where a small girl emulated dresses seen on the red carpet of the Oscars with different types of paper? She was the model and designer. And his mother, who made the model. So famous were that J.Crew has created a collection capsule for children designed by her and inspired by their models.

From gala, passing through costumes and other clothing dresses. There is no style that resists him, and thus teaches us every day.

We are nobody to say where is the limit, that his parents are in charge. But, you should look at is more the protection of children in social networks?