Technology Wears Fashion, with Irina Shayk and The New Samsung Galaxy S6

“The next big thing is here” says Samsung on its website of the S6 Galaxy. And it is that it shows that the South Korean company will yet when presenting its new mobile, that attempt to compete in the high-end of the market, against others as the iPhone 6. The signing of Irina Shayk as for his new campaign image returns to confirm the rotation of technology companies to fashion.

Just as Apple did with its Apple Watch, placing it instantly within the world of fashion, as a luxury accessory most want, Samsung puts his Galaxy S6 in the same site as the clutch that Irina Shayk looks in the campaign; curious, this isn’t larger than the bag.

This desire for fashion accessories, especially handbags, shoes and jewelry, has a new partner: the smartphone’s turn to brands that you become a touch of style to your buyer, since in this case the campaign, photographed by the media Tom Munro, is clearly aimed at the female audience.

These two images could be a signature of luxury either, both by aesthetics as by what it seek to convey, with the exception that no great brand in this industry has chosen thus far Irina Shayk as representative, more related to other types of campaigns, a priori less style and level. That’s where Yes will continue to see the differences between sectors and public.