Sclerotherapy Laser: What It Is and How It Works

Sclerotherapy is a laser treatment done to reduce or eliminate small vessels and medium that can appear on the face, especially on the nose and on the cheeks, on the trunk or on the legs.

The laser treatment is more expensive relative to other types of treatment for varicose veins, but is non-invasive and can present satisfactory results in the first few sessions depending on the amount of vessels to be treated.

How does sclerotherapy laser

The sclerotherapy laser reduces the microvasos to increase the temperature of the inside of the vessel through the emission of a light, which causes the blood retained in the interior is moved to another vessel and the occurrence of the destruction and resorption of the vessel by the body. The heat causes a small inflammation in the location, causing the varicose veins to close and lose its function.

Sclerotherapy Laser What It Is and How It Works 1

Depending on the region to be treated, the disappearance of varicose veins can happen in just one or two sessions. In addition, so that you have the best results, it may be necessary to perform the sclerotherapy a chemical. Understand how to work the sclerotherapy a chemical.

When you do

Sclerotherapy laser is indicated for people who are afraid of needle, have allergy to the chemical substance that is normally used or have a region in the body with many small vessels.

It is a quick procedure that lasts about 20 to 30 minutes per session and that there is not much pain compared to other procedures.

Care before and after the sclerotherapy laser

Sclerotherapy Laser What It Is and How It Works 2

It is important to have some care to perform sclerotherapy and laser also after the procedure, such as:

  • Avoid the sun 30 days before and after the procedure in the area that will be treated;
  • Use sunscreen;
  • Do not perform bronzeamentos artificial;
  • Avoid waxing in the area of treatment 20 to 30 days after the procedure;
  • Use moisturizing.

Sclerotherapy laser is not indicated for people with tanned, brown and black, since it can cause damage to the skin, as the appearance of blemishes. In these cases, it is indicated to perform sclerotherapy with foam or with glucose or, depending on the size and quantity of the vase, surgery. Learn more about the sclerotherapy with foamand sclerotherapy with glucose.

Sclerotherapy Laser What It Is and How It Works 3