Roan Lounge, The Male Model Who Sneaked into The Catalogue Resort 2016 of Maison Margiela

Givenchy or Prada carry several seasons up to female models on its catwalks of menswear, what Maison Margiela He has responded with a starring female catalog by Roan lounge, a male model dressed in androgynous looks. Will you as well John Galliano that the impact of this news turns into a sales increase?, in greater visibility of the lookbook since then that.

Selling is the ultimate goal of any signature of fashion and the search for the striking It is one of its most followed strategies since time immemorial. The creation of too explicit advertising campaigns, engagement of excessively young models or the controversy of the transgender are just some of its tactics.

John Galliano, creative director of Maison Margiela, It has been able to observe all these changes that are suffering the current fashion scene and has moved tab, the catalogue Resort 2016 signature two androgynous models, Roan lounge and Emilie Evander, star in it but only one of them is female.

It is not the first and may not be the last signing in use models of the opposite sex to increase the visibility of their collections, but it is a link in the chain of the Elimination of limits in the world of modeling. Who knows if this someday male models they equate their salaries to the fellow’s profession, they argue, are the largest cake slice.

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