New Collection Of Enamels Giovanna Antonelli-Pictures And Products

Actress Giovanna Antonelli launched, in partnership with the mark Hits Speciallita, launches your new collection of enamels, called the Gio Antonelli sensations. Inspired in every sense a woman can feel.

Pictures and Products – new collection of enamels Giovanna Antonelli

Are 19 colors total, of all kinds and taste, since colors more discreet to the more detached. Currently, Giovanna is in the air with the novel “In Family”, where your character Clara uses a glaze of your line, the color is butterflies. But it’s not just the character Clara parading around displaying the colors of the line of glazes, at Salve Jorge, Deputy Heloise, portrayed by Giovanna Antonelli, also used the glaze. The color did more success at the time was the Impetus, that was the most used by Deputy Bassam, the enamel has been defined as: “the Brown for classic women, who do not want to lose the grace.” But this color, did the first collection she launched, called Gio Antonelli Emotions, with 9 beautiful colors, and distinct.

According to the actress, who was keen to participate in the entire process of creation of the new collection, each color has been conceived at a time of a woman’s life, including the colors, as for example, purity and Freedom and the most intense heart palpitations and Shiver, she says all fall into every lifestyle.


Plus come with more varieties of colors and each be a breathtaking spectacle, this collection comes with the low price in comparison with the previous collection. From 14.50 to 3.75 R$ R$, and also has the advantage of being 4-free (free from toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor).