Natural Body (With Celutitis and Striae) That Challenges in a Swimsuit to Any Retouching

The speech of the fashion is changing. The use of Photoshop and various touch-ups every time is analyzed more critically and brands will be transforming its image. The There is no perfect Canon of beauty, even though Victoria’s Secret wants to impose his own. Subvertising works and there are who know to remove it much advantage. The natural bodies they are gaining ground and even put the bathing suit to challenge the fashion.

The American brand Swimsuits For All He has counted with the model Denise Bidot for its new campaign for fashion bathroom under the slogan #NotSorry, with which they seek women to accept their own bodies and feel at ease with its beauty.

The puertorriquena-kuwaiti model boasts physicist and curves. Supposedly there is no retouching on the images, which let in the light cellulite and stretch marks natural body with a size 14 (a 46 Spanish) which is now considered “large size” or “curvy”, sector in which Swimsuits For All is specialized as a brand, with a wide range of collections and products.

With the constant bombardment of diets miracles to show off body on the beach is the counterpart in campaigns like this. Shame for yourself should not be, and less still if it is caused by an industry that is as artificial as the show, where everything is façade. Size matters little as health has and this enjoyable. I hope that soon we can now see as anecdotal, that continues to have its opportunistic message intended to sell to another public, pass unnoticed through have been internalized.