Nails With Black Nail Polish Decorated – Photos, Templates And Tips

Decorated nails can be found of all types and models, and in several colors, to the taste of every woman. Are patches, woven designs, glítter, 3D Nail Polish, caviar and more a multitude of things that can be done on the nails. But the color of the black, which for a long time was used only by the rockers, by women bolder and taken off, which changed a lot, and is being used by all kinds of women, independent of the personality. Today it is considered as the basic black, but there’s nothing Basic, with the types of decoration you can do nails with black Nail Polish. Learn how to do nail art with black enamel and various other ways to leave the black nothing.

Pictures of nails with Black Enamel Decorated


Learn some nail designs decorated with black enamel.

English girl: a little English girl is much like the famous French, just colorful. To do with matte black enamel, which is already very popular, pass two layers of glaze on each nail. Wait to dry. With the glossy black enamel do the tips, you can use duct tape to help yourself. Drying oil pass after finish.


Nail down the Middle: is a very simple and easy to paint your nails. Start painting the nail of your color preference. After paint half of the nail, diagonally, in black. Pass drying oil to finish.


Crackle: this model is also with matte glaze, in the form of Crackle, is quite simple to make. Pass a glaze that you prefer. Let it dry well. Then the glaze Crackle, and wait a few moments for it to happen.


In addition to these templates, when you paint your nails black, can be used for other types of nail decoration, such as: plush, caviar, flowers to same




Dark Glazes are beautiful, and are among the darlings of women, including the black, but when you get is that they are. But look at some tips to make the glaze.

Before removing acetone or nail polish remover is used, pass a bit of drying oil on the nails. This will cause the color from spreading by the finger and go out with ease. Change the cotton with more frequency. To clean the corners leave the fingers soak in nail polish remover, then with the toothpick with cotton pass in all the corners. To clean your cuticles, then to clean the corners, scrub with a brush and liquid soap, scrub under the fingernails, too.

Watch a video with a walkthrough of a nail decorated with black enamel…