Meaning of Colors Glazzies – Tips

Be with the beautiful nails is one of the features of most women. Bet on glazes is a way to complement the visual, leaving more feminine, and depending on the color, broadcasting a different energy. For example, the smoother and clear glazes, give a touch more romantic, while the Red or black border on sensuality. In addition. Some experts claim that the color reflects the State of mind of women. Check out what are the meanings of the colors when you choose for your nails.

Tips of meanings of the Colors of Glazes

Pink is the color of romance and excitement. When the woman got the rose as their favorite colors, means you want to live (or are already living) with the more feminine side blossomed.

Orange: this color signifies courage, because it makes people less shy or inhibited. It is ideal to be used in a business meeting or job interview.

Red is the color of extroverted, objective and that women don’t like the middle ground. However, may cause irritability on days that are not good.

Green: Color balance, good to be used by people as it gives greater safety doubtful of the decisions to be taken. In addition, works as an aphrodisiac.

Blue is the color of who’s feeling quiet or search sense of peace. Also it is the pain that helps to relax or relieve pain.

Violet is the color of drastic changes, but helps in meditation and in the balance of mind.


Silver: this color reflects what you feel, is something negative, or positive, and converts back the energies that the person passes. Is indicated using only when well yourself.

Gold: is known as the color that betrays money, but also has a side which helps in spirituality, transmitting optimism.

White: is the join of all colors. So the white tends to make people more flexible, with more delicacy in gestures.

Nude: They are not pure tones, because they carry a predominant color, is pink, yellow or Brown, for example. What passes, will according to the tonality that predominates in the enamel.

Brown: it’s the color of certain people and emotional maturity. Recommended for those who don’t give up goals easily.

Yellow is associated with prosperity, but it is also the color of the communication. Conveys joy, creativity and euphoria.