Male Dermage – Online Products And Where To Buy

When we talk about cosmetics, always think in the feminine universe, usually connected to the beauty of the body, hair or makeup. However, for a long time these products are no longer exclusively of women, since men are anxious to take care of more and more. The basic products and male beauty as deodorants, suntan lotion and gel, have always been stretched pretty thin, but no longer the only, and the men now seek new cosmetics to look good, for skin care and keep young, among other goals. The Dermage brand was founded in 1990 and specializes in beauty products, now brings a line for men. Check out what are the products and how to buy.


Male thread Products


Hair: caring for the hair of men, the brand brings two featured products, being special, mousse and shampoo to combat the fall of wires. The male Revitrat Dermage shampoo is a loss and controls the greasiness of the scalp, without causing dryness. It moisturizes the hair bulb, and at the same time strengthens the hair. The mousse also controls the excess oil on the scalp and prevent the fall. The consumer should apply it directly on the leather with soft massage until absorbed. Both the cosmetics are indicated by physicians.

Face: To the care of the face, the company brings the Clarité Eyes, consisting of a lightweight serum texture for the eye area. The goal is to lighten dark circles and decrease the swelling. Besides the darkening of the skin, it helps to tone and restore elasticity of the region.


Anti-aging: How increasingly the male audience is seeking to pamper themselves and prevent the signs of aging, the Dermage brings anti-ageing products. This line is found the Improve C Mousse, a product to the face that promises to reduce wrinkles and expression lines, restoring radiance to the skin. The results can be noticed within 45 days. Another product is the gel cream Acting Inverse, which also smoothes wrinkles and expression lines in just 14 days and must be used on the face, with a result of 95% of improvement in appearance.

Body: For the body, the men find the Ureiactive body Moisturiser, with grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and urea, deeply moisturizing the skin for up to 24 hours. In addition to this, others like the deodorant Roll on of Marigold, sunscreen Photoage Refresh with factor 30, are also found on the line.

Where to buy

To buy Dermage products, you can access the site and have access to all products. Check out by clicking here.