L’Officiel Premieres Is Spain with a Starring Cover for a Very Young Kate Moss

Debuting in September are big words for the print edition of a magazine. The September issue of the most recognized publications internationally they are engulfed in a rush to publish the numbers more thick, impressive and documented the moment. However there are issues, such as L’Officiel Spain, they decide to take its first steps this month, but not all do so with one Kate Moss’s 10-year-old on the cover.

L’Officel Spain He entered through the front door. There are many covers we’ve seen featuring the supermodels more famous and sought after of all time, but far from that photograph of The Face, rarely have observed a young Kate Moss on the cover of a magazine.

The image belongs to the 1980 Yearbook the model, in which Kate Moss It looks even a natural reddish hair. However, low title “Kate the great”, the issue is dedicated to all the famous Kates history, from Catherine Deneuve to Katherine Anne Porter, winner of a Pulitzer Prize.