How To Put On False Eyelashes Correctly – Tips And Step-By-Step

Woman tends to be very vain and love makeup, seeking to be always beautiful, regardless of the occasion. Makeup look highlighted are the favorites among the conceited female audience, who want beautiful eyelashes for a closer look. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have curved, long eyelashes and full. For this, use to tricks like masks or mascara, which does not always give the expected result. Another alternative is to opt for false eyelashes, which was formerly only used in characterization, but today is widely used by women on a daily basis. To you who do not know how to use, check out our tips and step by step.

Tips for how to put false eyelashes Correctly

The first and most important tip is to pay attention when choosing the material. Search choose fake eyelashes that match your eyes and face. Women with very small eyes should avoid the wires longer, because the result in make is a sad look and fell. In this case, the smaller, more discrete lashes would be ideal.
There are many different types of products available in the market, with a very large variety in brands, models, size. Some have already come together, being applied all at once. Others come in small clumps that can be placed interchangeably with natural yarns. Choose according to your purpose and also taking into account the practicality in the application.



At first, when the woman is not used to apply the eyelashes, can be a little tricky in time to put, but over time, each discovers their own tricks and way more comfortable to place them. Eyebrow forceps is always an object that can be of great help.
It is not recommended to apply the glue directly on the product or on the skin. You need to put on a surface (forceps) and expect her to be less liquid, i.e. With a denser consistency. When this happens, simply position the eyelashes starting at the inside corner of the eye.
Check out a video that teaches you step by step technique to apply lashes.