How To Make Flat Wires And Modeled In A Practical – Tips

For women who have hair, wavy or frizzy and always resort to brush and flat iron alternative, require greater care to maintain the health and beauty of the wires. In addition, many have long hair or dense, and to achieve the desired smooth effect take a long, long time. However, there are tricks that can help and facilitate the work of straightening of the hair. Check out the tips that we brought to you adopt in time to dry, straighten and let the most beautiful yarns, both for parties and special occasions, as for the.

Tips on how to Leave the Flat Wires and Modeled in a practical

Preparation of wires:
It is important that the care with the start time of the wash cycle. Use a shampoo for your hair or for the goal. For example, if you want to give more volume to the hair, choose a product that has such a purpose. For the wires that are dry, a hydration before the brush helps give more shine and softness, besides leaving the more beautiful.

it is important that after washing and before using the hair dryer, you wipe the wires. The more wet the hair is, the more fragile it is, thus breaking with greater ease. For those women who have curls, a tip is to use high absorbing paper (paper towel) to remove moisture.

Brush: the brush
cylindrical format is the most indicated for straightening wire, regardless of hair type. The chain hoist must be in bristles, that the more coiled or Kinky for the hair, firmer it must be, because it holds the locks and facilitates the drying and straightening time.

the way if drought also helps in smooth effect. Direct the Jet of air from the device to the root and then to the tips, always from the top down and never the other way around. This causes don’t get bulky. It is important to note that dry the root prevents the hair curl or be wavy again.
Finish passing the locks a few drops of elixir or silicone, that will shine and finish. For those who want to use specific powder volume that helps keep your hair higher. Finally, pass a jet of cold air to give more shine.