Guess Where Serena Williams Keeps Your Makeup

In the picture you will find the answer. Yes, Serena Williams uses some of their multiple trophies tennis to keep her makeup and her brushes. She reviewed it these days during the Wimbledon tournament.

Which frivolity, right? Or perhaps not, given that it has so many trophies than any practical utility You should give them. No more boxes, toilet bags, baskets, or cupboards to use. It is that I am imagining me: that if in this Roland Garros keep the pinlabios, if I have shadows in the Australia Open…

The small of the Williams said that his preferred to keep trophy the brushes and the pencils It is an Indian Wells in 2003 (or 2001, because she did not have it clear). Also said that when he retires, takes as the Vicens trophies and begins to evaluate them as they deserve.