Goodbye to The Nude of Kate Moss (By His Daughter)

End of a stage, and not of any one, but the Kate Moss nude. This already had become a classic in the world of fashion, so not surprising see the British topless again in the magazine or the time campaign. But by a daughter is everything, ending a practice that his mother is unveiled.

Those controversial images for The Face nude when she was just 16 years and for Calvin Klein Obsession campaign will become history. Now Kate Moss is rejecting photo shoots for her 12-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, is not ashamed of it, according to a Mirror.

Lila Grace and Kate Moss

His daughter saw the photo shoot that Kate Moss did for Playboy and told him that was too nude. “At that moment is when Kate Moss thought that”I won’t do this more”. She wants to teach her daughter that they may place limits.

Naked is one of the eternal debates of fashion: to what extent is it necessary? There are models such as Coco Rocha, who imposed the refusal by contract, even though later some journals wish to skip it.