For Skin Care the Bride in the Eucerin Institute Hamburg

Oh yeah, what wife or bride not about worry: the whole wedding planning and find the perfect dress is actually already enough work… But no, this is of course still far not everything!

For Skin Care the Bride in the Eucerin Institute Hamburg

There is a large area, because the dear husband in SPE can not help us…! And although ourstyling and everything that belongs to… First, you make diet, so the dress fits perfectly and the photos are super. Manicure and pedicure course (takes like I silica tablets for beautiful nails and make sure that the week before breaking off nothing…) Then a nice fresh light Tan (we have already reported about my spray tan experience ), a great hair color… If that were not enough, what’s bride if she has no skin like a baby’s bottom?

I remember how it was with me: I am quite regularly for the facial and went once to the back treatment. Except this both I did no further experiments and have familiar DM cream on the 5 euro, which I already throughout the summer so well came out… and somehow it was then as if my skin knew that she must be good, I had no single pimples… Thank God…

But what if the skin’s not involved or there was always some problems? In General, you should make no more experiments before the wedding and start soon enough to improve something!

Catherine panicked in December easily, as her girlfriend at Pinterest link to the “8 month wedding beauty timeline” sent to…

Start beauty vitamin cure (such as diatomaceous earth)
New test hair color (or not, but rather no experiments shortly before)
Strictly do beauty routine (facial cleaning in the morning & evening, no excuses!)
Laser hair removal (UM ja…nope)
Fitness and nutrition plan set up and comply with (wink Bacon Goodbye!)

Here, each bridal himself must know what it considers them. At Katharina’s hit a sore spot with regard to the beauty routine but, since your skin in the winter always sucks.

Then came the invitation to the Eucerin skin Institute in Hamburg cue: we were together with other bloggers last Saturday a “skin” in the Eucerin Institute make trip, including skin analysis and facial! Who says because there no? 😉

In the Eucerin Institute Eucerin provides individual skin analysis and skin treatmentstuned in beautiful premises in the old Carpenter on St. Stephen’s square. (Who still still was not in the old post, would there times in any case. Only the rooms there are really worth a visit!)Suitable for your skin type is created then an individual care plan with product recommendations . What particularly raised us: you get product recommendations samples home, which you can then first test. If your skin responds well to the products, you can buy it at the chemist. The Eucerin House itself you can buy any products – it has your favorite pharmacy, or anyway every woman?

And become acquainted with the concept, we were allowed to try out the whole program! Skin analysis (puhh, thank God “below average wrinkled” for my age :-)) but sensitive skin, which is always difficult in the winter. Then it went with the analysis from in one of the beautiful cabins, where we started with a cleansing & Exfoliating brush and then allowed to enjoy an ultrasonic treatment! For Catherine’s skin had the Microdermabrasion at, with the now, again get a skin like a baby’s bottom with regular repetition until the wedding, would 🙂

We can warmly recommend the Eucerin Institute in any case! Especially with impurities, sensitive skin and anti-aging, Eucerin is super suitable with its product lines. And if you at an early stage, begin to prepare your skin for the wedding, we would be there necessarily a visit you call heart!
P.S. If you should ask you, what with the “8 month wedding beauty timeline” is passsiert, and what still foresees the list: Catherine ceased to read, as was recommended between the Botox and the wedding few weeks lie should, for the Botox to… work well UM Yes… 😉