Fantasy Makeup for Kids, The Importance of Removing It Well

In my mini vacation by Avila, I had the opportunity to walk me through the 26TH national handicraft fair ‘Arteávila’ and stayed with the fantasy makeup workshop for children as an idea rather than show you.

It is not the first time that an exhibition of this kind or in other medieval (which I love) see this style workshops. I think a great way to entertain the children and that they themselves can explore their own creativity, painting the face of colors and very original forms.

The only thing that worries me, that Yes, it is what type of products are used and Remove make-up the skin of children. Many of us are sure that we have done us any mask or mask, small, with paintings of breast (spoiling him any longer of step). Then what? Or our mother desmaquillaba us with your cleansing routine or directly ourselves with SOAP and water.

The origin of the products and how to remove them

I do not know exactly if the products that are used in these fairs are conventional makeup o paintings for costumes (probably both). Ideally, to be non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic products. In addition, it is also interesting that they are not very fatty so not ruined makeup with the sweat of the kids.

In the first case, conventional make-up products, will need a gentle cleanser or towelettes, better if they are for sensitive skins, to not irritate the skin of our children. You must be sure not to leave any trace, and certainly not let child go to sleep with the painted face.

In the second case, costume makeup, many of these paintings are easily removed with SOAP and water, in fact tend to be water paints that you apply with a brush. But I recommend to follow the same above process, a very mild cleanser for sensitive, since the SOAP may irritate or dry out too much.

Whatever the type of makeup used, care must be taken do not scrub or rub. I.e., it is best to make several passes, or repeat the make-up process before being anxious can in rub a zone, remember that the child’s skin is fragile and can quickly irritate it.

Ideally, to finish off the topic, is to apply a very ligerita moisturizer (might be a little bit of the cream using the mami) in the skin of the child once we have cleaned well face. So we will make sure of replenish hydration levels I have dragged with makeup cleansing.