Cuticles Decorated New Trend – Tips and Templates

Cuticles Decorated arose due to the great success of the nails decorated, and a company of Fashionista launched stickers to decorate cuticles. Until today only if they were decorating the nails in every way imaginable and now we have to complete the stickers with creative and colorful drawings of various kinds and for all tastes. Many women are discovering the cuticles and opting for this new look.

Tips and cuticle
Decorated Models

Cuticles Decorated to wear the patch is very easy and very fast. Who created the stickers for cuticles decorated was the American company radnails. Some designs are so creative that can make the continuation of a nail decorated thus completing the visual. As easy as applying is to remove the adhesive for cuticles decorated just use nail polish remover and ready she goes out. It is not necessary to put the adhesive on all the cuticles of the hands just in one or two and be done with it completely changes the appearance of the nail and the decoration. Very pretty and certainly will be in the hands of Brazilian women this summer.


Below some cuticle decorated models:

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