Combine Clothes, Hair And Makeup For Chubby Women

To achieve a look ideal not only is needed order and update the clothing, there are other aspects that define the image and are equally important, such as the hairstyle and the makeup.

Combine Clothes, Hair And Makeup For Chubby Women

These components are to be allies and are part of a letter in every moment of our life.

It is necessary that they have harmony and become part of our look. How to combine trendy women’s clothes, hairstyle and makeup for chubby women properly? Let’s look at some ideas offered by HOTICLE.

You want to look chic and sport. What should you keep in mind during the day and night? You must take into account that it is an open look and variable according to the type of event, the time and the place.
When the commitment is daytime, indicated more is freshness and naturalness combining elements as: a dress of chiffon and clear color, or a black skirt with a bag or classic jacket and a makeup to include base in the face of a similar to the skin tone, a corrector of yellow pigmentation, shadows and lipsticks in pastel colors, the pink are going very well and, of course, mascara to eyelashes.
Hair must not carry gels or spray, but that it is best to wear loose, young or hair combed with a PIN or French braid.

If the event is in the night, the ideal is to add brightness and color intensity: black dresses do not fail and can be combined with a makeup that includes a base heavy and light blush of red lipstick, more dark than the skin tone, shadow and black eyeliner to eyes.
For the hairstyle, you can play with the volume of hair armando loops, or collected with much movement.