Cara Delevingne Not Have Hairs in The Language, and Ensures That The Fashion World Has Made Hate Your Body

It is pretty, young and with a body of scandal. Cara Delevingne was the top of the moment and on the crest of the wave decided to leave the world of the modeling to the world of interpretation. The reason? It seems that all is not gold that glitters and the World of fashion It is much harder than we think. The British as well as has declared in an interview for The Times.

Some time ago already announced: face suffered from psoriasis, a skin disease that causes scaling and swelling. As this topic has not hesitated to talk about claiming that,

I am not working in fashion after suffering psoriasis (…). The people who surrounded me put gloves and did not want to touch me because they thought it was leprous

Set aside the fashion business and get off the catwalks when he did better was for several reasons. One of them is the pressure that sometimes the fashion industry submits to the young with aspirations to succeed.

Parade has made me feel a little hollow after a while. It did not grow at all as a human being. And suddenly I forgot the young that was… I felt very old. (…) It is also something mental because you hate yourself and your body. Your appearance simply worsens

The small of the sisters Delevingne is clear and want to educate everyone,

I know I always say the same thing but it is time to repeat it. We should be ourselves because, sooner or later, the world will adapt

Do you think of his statements?