Braided Chignon Hairstyle-Pictures And Tips On How To Make

Most of the female audience has as a characteristic to vanity and hair is one of the factors that must always be beautiful. For a wedding, graduation, or other social event, the hairstyles are well sought after, and the variety is immense. The coke, for example, that leave the hair all locked up and look a bit more serious on the visual, and are used since antiquity. There are also variations on this hairstyle, as the traditional Coke “donut”, messed up and beyond the braided. Some leave the more modern and young, as in the case of the braided bun. We brought photos to inspire you, plus tips to learn how to make and carve it up for the holidays, check out.

Tips of how to make Braided Hairstyle

As the braided bun is modern and can be used in everyday life, as occasions during the day and not formal. If used in an ordinary day, don’t add any accessory or brightness to not be too flashy. Already partying, tabs, or other props are allowed.
Bet on dresses with neckline in the back your hair up values that kind of costume, besides leaving sophisticated. Modernize also the hairstyle using with the loose threads, kind of messed up, or on the side.
Does not require a lot of skill to do Coke, because it has simplified versions and do practices.
The hair can also be used by women with any type of hair, from the most smooth, even the frizzy and curly. Ideally, just choose the best option and the one that matches your style.
Check out the video walkthrough to learn how to make your hair with braids:

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