Being Transgender, The New Trend to Succeed as a Model

There is no Giseles neither Adrianas, Mirandas nor Laras, the fashion industry has set aside its quest for beautiful faces to focus on striking traits, aspects outside of the common and different conditions. Together with the greater diffusion of curvy models, the new wave of transgender (with the scandal of Caitlyn Jenner at the head) has ceased to be considered as purely isolated fact. Will be fashion looking for its democratization?

The androgyny of Andrej Pejic and its transformation, symbol of the transgender models

It was not the first and not the only one, but Andrej Pejic was the attention of the media at the speed of light, and is that its androgyny and reasonable similarities existing between him and a woman give her to the top of the fashion world.

Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier or even Rosa Clará relied on Andrej Pejic for their parades (in the latter two appeared wedding dress), almost all of the editions of Vogue opened you their doors (Vogue Paris, Turkey, Italy, Brazil or Australia welcomed Andrej among its pages) and even managed to sneak in the women top 100 Sexiest FHM magazine in 2011. And all that without having gone through the operating room.

However, Andrej sought to go one step further in its transformation. He wanted to be a woman, and succeeded by subjecting it to a sex-change operation and becoming Andreja Pejic, today one of the best paid trans models.

She was the first, read T broke fashion molds

Givenchy took her in his arms and made her the first transgender model to achieve a campaign of a fashion firm. Precisely, the Brazilian model Lea T sneaked into the campaign autumn/winter 2010 / 2011 Givenchy, with the consequent stir more than insured.

This baptism in fashion was followed by a cover in the magazine Love charged polemic that is kissed with Kate Moss, and various parades at the hands of Givenchy. However, his last big hit has come from the hand of Redken Cosmetics, with which it has signed as the image of his Chromatics of Redken hair products line. All a step for models transgender begin to observe as the industry surrender to its charms.

Hingh Valentijn, the first transgender model to sign a contract with IMG

Recognized worldwide and with well-known faces among their ranks, the modeling agency IMG saw in Hingh Valentijn the characteristics necessary to offer him a contract. He did not hesitate for a moment and became in the first transgender model to sign with this agency.

His meteoric career home names such as Maison Martin Margiela or Comme des Garcons, an editorial for Vogue Italy and even a video for Love magazine carried out by Patrick Demarchelier. But there is no doubt that this is just the beginning, more even after becoming part of the IMG modeling agency.

The transgender of the time responds to the name of Hari Nef

Writer, actress and recently also model. The Transgender Hari Nef It has become the second model of this condition in signed with the IMG Agency, Although she has made it on a global basis while Hingh Valentijn only maintains a contract with the division of Paris.

Unlike some of the transgender above, Hari has never stepped on a male fashion casting, because according to her “is prettier woman”, also IMG confirms that it is “in the process of transformation”, or what is the same, next season we will see Hari Nef parading on women collections.