A Cambiadisima Ariadne Artiles Presents, Arm of Its Sister Aida, New Collection for Yamamay

Yesterday was started Gran Canaria warm fashion, the runway’s most important bathroom in our country each year the trends that we luciremos the next summer showing. On this occasion, a small exception: the largest of the Artiles was his collaboration with the Italian firm Yamamay This summer 2015. It was spectacular, very changed and the hand of his sister Aida Artiles.

With a white dress of Guess, so Ariadne Artiles has also released a cut of hair quite different and a much more mature attitude, the years do not pass in vain for anyone, the models are not spared. Although we have taken less see the model in a bikini on the catwalk, we have had to settle for this closing of the parade.

The collection that Ariadne Artiles has designed for Yamamay, It could not be inspired by another place. The Canarian model continues to never think of their Islands and this has precisely been its main source of inspiration. In the collection you will find contemporary fabrics and dark as black or green hunting colors such as grids.

We have seen in the parade not only to Aida Artiles, opening and closing the parade wrapped in applause but also independence day stars as Dalianah Arekion, image of Givenchy, or Desire lamb, our latest representative to Miss Universe.

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