3 Good Male Colognes for Less Than 150 Real

The universe of perfumes is extensive in its smells and sensations, as well as their prices, after all, we have provided affordable options, even fragrances that cost almost the price of an OLED TV of the last generation. As not everyone is able to spend high amounts of money with this type of product I decided to speak about 3 male colognes that come out for less than 150 real and that I had the opportunity to test recently.

1 – The Authentic Hero – Mary Kay – Deodorant Cologne

Already started surprising me by the bottle differentiated with the material opaque, without transparency and its cover mimicking wood, accompanied by the simple box in cardboard rustic. The visual package has an appeal to male thought-provoking, if you see him on a shelf certainly would take to prove it.

3 Good Male Colognes for Less Than 150 Real 2

The fragrance is light, fresh and slightly sweet, the Authentic Hero may be classified as a fougére woody, without exaggeration, but striking and versatile, and can be used during the day or night. His only negative point is to be a deodorant cologne, which means that there is a large amount of fragrance, so the scent will not last very long on the skin.

Note of head: the focus is for the green apple, ensuring the freshness of citrus.

Heart notes: orange blossom, lavender, cinnamon, sweet and spicy

Bottom notes: cedar, Karanal and musk

Price: R$115,00 – 100 ml – Buy here!

More information: www.marykay.com.br


2 – Natura Man Essence – Deodorant Perfume

Not enough to be a perfume impressive, but there’s something about family that makes it a pleasure to use, it may be your final musky. The Natura Man’s Essencehas a formula interesting of a fougére with touches of oriental and woody scents, but the result is quite simple and traditional, making it a good option for gift giving, usually it is difficult to dislike someone. Has a good fixture, especially for a product in your price range, if it were more striking and innovative, it would be perfect.

3 Good Male Colognes for Less Than 150 Real 3

Head notes: bergamot, ginger, grapefruit, sicilian lemon.

Heart notes: cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, coriander, violet.

Bottom notes: patchouli, wood, guaiac, cashmeran, cedar and amber.

Price: R$139,90 – 100 ml – Buy here!

More information: www.natura.com.br


4 – Stark – Mahogany – Deodorant Perfume

In my opinion is the one that has the smell most common among the 3 options of this post, but by no means should be underestimated. This scent of Mahogany, whose name (Starkmeans strong in German, it is suitable for anyone who likes scents, woody scents, even with citrus notes emerging with intensity at the beginning and guarantee a certain freshness, preventing the perfume is relegated to the days of the winter because of the elements such as moss and vetiver. The fixation is good and the price very affordable if we compare with imported or even some national that exceed the barrier of 200 reais.

3 Good Male Colognes for Less Than 150 Real 1

Head notes: cardamom, orange, petigrain, lemon, rosmarinho.

Heart notes: lily of the valley, rose, jasmin, sandalwood.

Background note: musk, moss, vetiver, wood, silky.

Price: R$98,00 – 100ml – Buy it here!

More information: www.mahogany.com.br



As all of the suggestions in this article follow the personal taste of its author, it is advised that you try these perfumes before buying them to know if they really meet your needs or match your preferences.