Liposuction Without Needles or Scars

Liposuction Without Needles or Scars 1

Liposuction is not invasive, it is an innovative method that uses ultrasound to eliminate fat localized and cellulite. It is non-invasive because it does not use needle, anesthesia is neither required hospitalization nor are there any scars. The technique should be performed in clinics and beauty salons …

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Wax to Decrease the Pain of Hair Removal

Wax to Decrease the Pain of Hair Removal 1

The waxes depilatórias with anesthetic natural brands Gesi or Depilnutri, are waxes that help in the reduction of pain during epilation, because it has in its composition natural extracts of plants that contain anesthetic agents and natural anti-inflammatory drugs, which decrease the sensitivity to pain …

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How to Lighten Hair Naturally

How to Lighten Hair Naturally 1

To lighten your hair naturally you can prepare a shampoo and conditioner with the flower of camomile, with the peel of the onion, or lemon juice, throwing the natural preparation on the hair letting it dry in the sun. However, these techniques are more effective …

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How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster

How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster 1

To make your nails grow faster, it is important to strengthen them by applying a base strengthening, eating more proteins and biotin, but taking a supplement is also useful to strengthen and facilitate the growth of hair and nails, as Pantogar, for example. The nails …

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7 the Main Risks of Liposuction

Liposuction is a plastic surgery and like all surgery also has some risks, such as bruising, infection and even perforation of the organs. However, there are complications very rare that, usually, don’t happen when the surgery is done in a trustworthy clinic and experienced surgeon. In …

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Main Characteristics of Dry Skin

Main Characteristics of Dry Skin 1

Dry skin presents itself dull and with a tendency to stay repuxando, especially after the use of soaps that are inappropriate or bath with very hot water. Very dry skin can be descamando and irritated, and in this case it is necessary to follow a treatment …

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Sclerotherapy Works?

Sclerotherapy Works 1

Sclerotherapy is a very effective treatment for the reduction and elimination of varicose veins, but it depends on some factors, such as the practice of the medical angiologist, the effectiveness of the injected substance in the vein, the body’s response of the person to the …

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Remedies for Baldness

Remedies for Baldness 1

The remedies for baldness like Finasteride, Minoxidil or Avicis, for example, promote the growth of hair, however, their use should only be done under prescription by the dermatologist. In addition to the remedies, can also be used the supplements as the supplement of Biotin or …

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Benefits of Chocolate for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Chocolate for Skin and Hair 1

Chocolate is rich in antioxidants and has action moisturizer being effective to soften the skin and hair, and for this reason it is common to find moisturizing creams with this ingredient. The chocolate can be applied directly on the skin and hair, but it is …

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